Uncensored English UE03 - idioms - kick ass

This podcast covers the phrase to kick (someone’s / something’s) ass and kick-ass as an adjective. First we need to talk about the ass part. It can refer to a real ass (butt or bum), but usually the ass is metaphorical. That is, it’s not a question of a real-world, physical ass; the ass stands for something else. In fact, all usages of kick ass that don’t involve a physical foot connecting to a physical ass are metaphorical figures of speech.


For example, “We got our ass(es) kicked in the football game last night” means “The other team beat us by a good margin.” It’s unlikely that any team member’s ass actually had contact with a foot.
The expression kick ass is used as an adjective and in verb phrases. First we’ll look at the verbs

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